'Leaf Float' Chosen as the Official 119 Survival Swimming Technique for National/international Distribution
'Leaf Float' Chosen as the Official 119 Survival Swimming Technique for National/international Distribution
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Kang, Dae Hoon Busan Fire Academy Chief - "After several testings, results confirm this to be a must swimming trainings for survival"
Kang, Dae Hoon, Busan Fire Academy Chief (second from left) posed with Kim, Cheolghee, Board Director, The Safe Times (in the middle) after handing the 'Certificate of Passing Survival Swim Coaching Training' to professors and training instructors. Photo provided by the Busan Fire Academy

The exclusive topic news by The Safe Times on 'Leaf Survival Float’ swimming technique which drew wide public attention will now be learned firstly by the Survival and Rescue Instructors at home and abroad.  This 'Leaf Float Survival Swimming Technique' training is expected to expand as the training plans for the Fire Academy Instructors as well as the Busan area residents have been established.

The Chief of the Busan Fire Academy Kang, Dae Hoon (49) who is an expert in survival and rescue announced that the 'Leaf Survival Float' Swimming techniques will be chosen as the official '119 Survival Swimming' in order to secure the golden time during water disasters to rescue people.

On July 13, Kang, Dae Hoon, the Chief of Busan Fire Academy in his interview with The Safe Times (www.safetimes.co.kr) stated that students and citizens in Busan area, all domestic Fire Academy instructors, and foreign firefighter trainees will be invited for an official training of '119 Survival Swimming.'

Chief Kang stated, "From this May, we conducted '119 Survival Swimming' training trials with 120 school principals in three batches and achieved excellent results." He described the atmosphere of the participants’ amazements wherein "The school principals from Busan area in their 50s and 60s who had never swum before were very surprised to learn this survival swimming techniques in such a short period of time to find themselves easily floating on the water."

Chief Kang stated that "the Busan Fire Academy which is specialized in Sea Disasters Rescue has invited available instructors for training among all the Fire Academy instructors in the nation, and will begin from the 18th to train this survival swim techniques in the open sea." and added praising highly, "Often I am asked questions with prejudice why this type of survival swimming training is necessary when one’s capable swimming ability should be sufficient, to which I reply that this survival swimming technique training allows floating in a very short period of time of training and is a must swimming technique to be learned because this is different from just being able to swim well."

Continuing he said, "From July 18th, we plan to train this 'Leaf Survival Float' swimming techniques to the 5 Indonesian Firefighter Trainees, who are visiting under the sponsorship of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), to make the occasion to the level of a formal international dissemination." "this survival swimming training will be included for the 18 trainees who are selected from the Pacific Island states to be educated over the 2 week period" he said.

He particularly stated, "Up till now, we admit that we were trained overseas for rescue training by paying fees to the overseas training institutions."  "In the future, the Busan Fire Academy plans to receive from overseas the paying trainees with our own proprietary education programs." he added. 

Academy Chief Kang handed the 'Certificate of Passing Survival Swim Coaching Training' to 11 professors and training instructors who attended the training for 2 days from May 2nd.

Chief Kang announced that Busan Fire Academy will maintain the win-win partnership in distributing of '119 Survival Swimming Training' nationally and internationally with visiting Kim, Cheolghee who is the Board Director/editor of The Safe Times ('Leaf Survival Float' swimming coach, 59), and Ahn, Chi Kwon, who is The Safe Times’ Sports Safety Team Expert Member ('Leaf Survival Float' swimming coach, 45).

Kim, Cheolghee and Ahn, Chi Kwon, 'Leaf Survival Float’ coaches who are both active as citizen journalists for The Safe Times, participated in the 'Leaf Survival Float' swimming technique training program for the firefighters from Busan and Gyeongnam areas and the Coach Training Program for the professors and instructors to teach them as requested by the Busan Fire Academy last March and May.  

Chief Kang stated, "The demand for the 119 Survival Swimming training is surging while the Busan Fire Academy’s capacity to supply the survival swimming training is severely insufficient."  

"The plans are to maximize using our own facilities to teach the initial basic training as public safety education course" and "with the intended establishment of the Survival Swimming Association, it is hoped that a systematic survival swimming education could be provided to the students." he stated.

Reporter/Publisher Kim, Chang Young  bodang69@gmail.com
Translated by: Chang, Kyong globalwinner77@gmail.com

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